PT. Brema Brata (Brema), was established by the founders because of awareness and idealism in envisioning the difficulties faced by renewable energy industries, carbon assets and civil works especially in geotechnical - environmental issues. It is one of the fast growing national companies engaged in Environmental Engineering with core business of providing highly specialized supplies and services to various construction industries in Indonesia. Supported by highly dedicated professionals and specialists, Brema is fully committed to support Customers in order to meet their project goal by providing reliable, innovative and competitive services. We offer integrated solutions in renewable energy industries and constructions. We solve what ever problem you face.


Our Vision is to be the first choice of professionally committed provider for value-added services to industries. Our vision is  to be the first choice of provider for value added services which is supported by professional commitment.

Our Mission is to deliver cost-effective, high quality and reliable value-added services for the related industries.


To Our Customers

We value our customers and will continue to give their businesses value added services. We commit ourselves to continuously improve our services.

To Our Employees

We realize that all of our employees are the most stakeholders of the company. We care for them by creating a conducive work environment, encouraging them to reach their fullest potential and appreciating their contributions.

To Our Industry and Society

We pledge to be a responsible corporation by acting professionally and ethically in every business aspect.


Who we are

We are able to assist project developers through the project development cycle by undertaking specific phases of work or reviewing design documentation to reduce delivery risk and enhance project delivery.   Our full range of project development services includes:

Project identification

Project structuring, including assisting in the sourcing of project finance

Feasibility Studies

Environmental and development approvals

Detailed design

Construction supervision

Operation and maintenance